Personal Training 


Personal Training is becoming more and more popular in these busy times and no longer reserved for the elite or the wealthy. The motivation that comes from having a trainer is one of the key factors that keeps our clients returning. Add to this the key nutrition help and advice that we can offer and you will soon feel the benefits.


Most of our clients don't actually have a specific goal in mind, they just want to feel fitter or lose some weight. We work with you, and develop programmes that will benefit you. We bring in new training methods and techniques to your session and soon you will surprise yourself with your achievements!


Training can be at our Gym, or we can bring the gym to you at your home, work, local park or wherever you want - with the Mobile Gym.

Personal Training


Train with us at our private gym...


Fully matted space, squat racks, full set of dumbbells, olympic weights, Airdyne bike, FK Pro suspension kit, kettlebells, medicine balls, farmer walks, deadlift frame and a whole host of other kit.


Your session is just for you, we'll get the best out of you, just be prepared to work hard and the rest is easy!


Contact us to book your session, or a free consultation.


Mobile Gym


Can't come to the gym? We can come to you!


We have all the equipment on board to provide a great workout, from Kickboxing, Self Defence, through to all the fitness kit - Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Benches, Squat Racks, Medicine Balls,  Sled Drag & FK Pro suspension kit.


Sessions are personally tailored to you. We have clients that train at home, in their lunchbreak at work and at their local park. We even use our mobile gym for PE classes at our local Pre-School!


Contact us to book your session.


Personal Tuition


Want to learn a new skill or improve your technique?


We can help you with boxing, kickboxing, submission grappling and mma. As well as these sport based skills we also teach self defence and self protection techniques.


We usually provide tuition at our studio, but also work at home with bullied youngsters, as well as providing self defence training to corporate clients including TLT Solicitors & GKN Aerospace.


We are happy to discuss any tuition or corporate training with you, just contact us.

What does it Cost?


60 minute PT session at our Studio:


2 x 60 minute PT sessions per week at our Studio:


3 x 60 minute PT sessions per week at our Studio:


60 minute Mobile Gym PT session:









£30-£35 depending on distance. Bristol area only.